Venue and Accomodation


The Contact Seminar will take place in the premises of the Centre of Environmental Education in Kleitoria. The centre there is the first environmental centre in Greece ( it was founded 18 years ago).The center has a significant infrastructure consisting of work rooms, multipurpose rooms, a seminar room, a library, a newly renovated hostel, a restaurant, in a building of 2500 square metres  surrounded by 12 acres of land and it is fully equipped with everything needed for running environmental programmes such as 70 mountain bikes, a Jeep, compasses, binoculars, cameras, a GPS, stereoscopes, microscopes, an altimeter, a geological hammer, raincoats, backpacks etc.

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Participants will stay in one of the three hotels of Kleitoria, which are in a walking distance from the Centre of Environmental Education:

Aroanios Hotel:

Mont Helmos:

Elatos studios-suites: no site available


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