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How To Train Your Robot To Jump ages 3-5  

How To Build A Simple Computer Out Of Anything ages 5+

How To Train Your Robot ages 5+

LetteRs C4n’t Count. NumbeRs C4n’t Spell StoRy 4 ages 4 - 6

What Happened Before The Story Of The Three Little Pigs Story 1 ages 5 - 7

The Dragon's Treasure Makeover Story 2 ages 7 - 9

Daena The DNA Detective And The Ugga Ugga Virus Story 3 (Part 1) – Discussion

Story 3.5 – Daena The DNA Detective And The Ugga Ugga Virus (The Final Battle) Ages 8 - 11


My dad (...or mom) turns into a robot! 
a tiny game to encourage your kids to code


Coding. Something that you would probably associate with sitting behind a laptop, typing. If we are going to encourage our kids to have a go at coding, I think we might want to try some other tactics too, because Minecraft and web-games are always just a click away when you’re trying to show off Scratch! ...





Athens International Airport

Express Line X93

Athens Suburban Railway webpage

Follow the link to find information about the weather

Astir Patras Hotel 


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